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How we work

Simply contact us, tell us about your project and your art ideas. If possible, send us a sketch. We will collaborate with you and review our member databank to determine which artists and/or technicians are best suited to your particular concept and budget. Once sketches, maquettes, models, palette and delivery schedules are approved, your project goes into production. The I.A.A.A.D. follows every project from conceptualization through installation and assures timely delivery, stringent quality control and considers all aspects of the project from lighting and (in the case of suspended sculpture) structural integrity, to ventilation conflicting with kinetic sculpture or mobiles and illumination with built-in redundancy.
We offer art fabrication services according to your specifications in any medium and palette. If you are looking for turnkey custom art, we can review your architectural plans, materials, textures and colors and conceptualize artwork for your specific location.
Let us develop the right team for your next art project and assure you of a skillful realization and a seamless integration of art within your environment and design.


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